Group Readings

Group Readings

Group Readings are a great way to potentially connect to your loved ones. Whether it’s on your own or with a group of friends or family. These Group sessions are not only healing, there is laughter, tears, and lots of bonding.

About Group Readings

Group Readings are a fun way to be introduced to what the spirit world has to offer. It has muchto offer that many people dont see  but know and although not everyone is promised a message from the spirit world, it can be as powerful to watch others receive a message

Messages are given in a group setting and there are tears, alughter and joy of watching how powerful the connection is and that although your loved one has gone to the spirit world, they are still very present in day to day life.

Messages are given in from spirit as they are recived, so there is no pattern in the delivery. Just sit back and watch and listen and just let spirit be………

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Book Your Own Private Group Reading

Group readings are held in your house or on Zoom and are a great way to spend time with a group of friends, family, and work colleagues.

Connect to the spirit world in a comfortable community with people you know for an impactful experience that will bring you peace, knowledge or understanding.

         I am currently not offering this type of event at the moment, But i offer open groups both in person and on zoom.

Plus, they’re a lot of fun!

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These Guys Are By Far the Very Best!!!

Not only are the readings spot on but they do it in such a way as to inspire and provide extremely positive guidance. I have had readings from many people and these guys are by far the very best!!!

They Shared Information with Me That Only I Would Know

I find the Olive Readers very positive, gifted and sincere in their approach. I was amazed at how accurate they were in my reading. They shared information with me that only I would know. They gave me direction and confirmation on events in my life. Some of my deceased family members came through who provided positive messages.

This Was by Far the Most Profound Hour of My Current Life.

This was by far the most profound hour of my current life. It was like they stepped inside of my heart and subconscious to KNOW. Resolution, tears of joy and a sense of such calm and understanding are with me now as I sit writing down the messages that came through and the things they knew NO ONE ELSE had access to except through me.

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Spiritual Mentoring

Develop your spiritual connection through mentoring. Whether you want to develop your own gift or simply expand your own knowledge of spirituality and living a spiritual life, group and one-on-one spiritual mentoring will connect you to your own true potential.

Group Workshops

Develop your psychic gifts while you learn more about yourself and the spiritual world around you. Our group workshops are for all abilities, are directed by spirit, and are always fun. Save your seat for our next workshop now!

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