The Olive Reader, Mark has been professionally seeing clients since March 2012. Since this time, he has successfully  seen many people.

Mark, who began his career as working in social work and a Parenting Practitioner, is a talented Medium who relays information from friends and loved ones who have passed into Spirit.

Mark has known about Spirit Folk from the age of 7 in the form of premonitions and deja vu. Since seeing clients professionally, Mark has successfully helped many families achieve closure by passing on messages of healing and love from loved ones who have crossed over. He has also worked with groups, helping members to achieve objectivity and understanding of their loss.

Mark is an accomplished teacher and mentor. He offers coaching and mentoring to both groups and individuals with a view to helping students unlock their own psychic gifts. He also offers classes on a regular basis covering all aspects of Mediumship and Psychic Development

The Olive Readers were named purely from spirit. In fact we don’t actually like olives!

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