Do Readings have to be prepaid?

All appointments must be paid at the time of booking. If you do not provide the required prepayment information an appointment cannot be reserved or booked.  Please check your trash or spam box for any emails from us. WE have a payment structure which is noted in the emails that get sent at the time of booking and as reminders before your appointment We send these 6 and 3 months prior. From March 2024, all appointments will have to be paid at the time of booking. Any appointments will be posted on the Private Facebook Page  roughly every 3 months.

Credit Card payments are processed on the same day of the booking, payment by E- transfer or PayPal must be received within 24 hours. No Exceptions.


What Can I expect from a reading?

Honesty, we will relay what we are seeing and hearing from Spirit.  If your path is difficult, we will tempt to give you insight into your options.  We do not tell you what to do or make the decisions for you.  We will help to show you options, but, it’s up to you to make changes as everyone has free will.

Please Note:  Unfortunately, you may be disappointed, if you come with a closed mind, are unable to be open to the messages spirit are relating or are not wanting to hear from those who come through. This is part of your journey, and not the fault of us.

Can I expect bad news?

We are honest so some things may challenge your thinking, however, you always have free will to accept our guidance.

Do you record the session?

Unfortunately we don’t currently record, but you are more than welcome.

Will I always hear from who I want to?

No, Its  what Spirit wants, its not up to myself or you.  Spirit send messages they feel is most needed.  Some people are amazed at the content in reading, as they thought they were coming for a different reason but actually what was discussed, is what was needed.

Can I ask questions?

Yes, you can ask questions during your session.

Can I bring someone along to take notes?

If you bring any extra people to your session they will Not be Allowed to attend and will be turned away. Sessions are scheduled based on time and service booked and do not allow for extra time or people.
We Thank You for Your Co-operation in the matter.

Will I be disappointed?

We feel the people that are disappointed, are the people that are not open to what they are hearing.  Some people have views about themselves that others don’t share.  This can challenge ones own beliefs and you have to be ready and able to listen.  We can give options, but, if you don’t want to change or alter you path,  maybe a reading is not for you.  Also, please, do not ask before booking an appointment to prove what I can do, or ask to tell you 1 specific thing as spirit only do and say what spirits feels is important for your highest good .