Spiritual Mentoring and Development

Spiritual Mentoring and Development

6 session Development/Mentoring:

Price to be decided on individual basis.

This package is designed for people that wish to grow their own spiritual practice.  Each session is scheduled for 1 hours and will be tailored to individual needs on the first session scheduled.  Sessions are interactive and only work if we both put the work in to move you forward.  They could involve a variety of ways to connect using phone, Skype or in person and are great for people that are unable get to our location.  The development sessions follow a structure and we cover the things that you need to move you forward in your spiritual path.  They will be scheduled over a 6 month period as there will be some self work, homework, and practice to do.

Please Note:

If you bring any extra people to your session they will Not be Allowed to attend and will be turned away. Sessions are scheduled based on time and service booked and do not allow for extra time or people.
We Thank You for Your Co-operation in the matter.

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