2013 is coming soon

Well we are booking things for the new year. Scary really but feels so good. We are looking at booking some new dates for workshops and also some new exciting new opportunities for the new year.

It’s christmas soon

Remember to check the Newsletter as it has an offer . You can always share it with a friend….

What an exciting day

We saw a lovely group of ladies yesterday and in between the laughs, giggles and eating.Messages came through the cards and also from spirit.We continue to thank spirit for everything they do and the love,light and hope that they continue to send.

Olive Readers Launch New Website

Welcome to the new Olive Readers Website! It has been a summer of enormous growth and firsts. This summer we: Found the nerve to begin reading professionally for people, Built and began maintaining a website, Began to pursue the Reiki path, Joined Twitter, Began teaching courses and now we have...