Individual Sessions

30 Minute Mini Phone Reading

$75.00 – HST Included

This session is designed for those with a limited amount of questions.  Please prepare your questions prior to the reading and ensure you provide the phone number you wish to be contacted at.  This is not be the best option for those who require a full reading.

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120 Minutes: Past Life Regression as Trained by Dr Brian Weiss.

$200.00 – HST Included

When you are feeling stuck, challenged, want answers and step into this life’s purpose, doing a Past Life Regression will open up and allow your Soul Memories to surface, giving you a deeper perspective into your story as a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Many people have shared their experiences of releasing emotional and mental heaviness along with physical pain and disease. When you understand the origins of your pain, suffering and fear, you are then able to take the knowledge and wisdom received from Past Life Regression and transform your issues by releasing lifetimes of stress and unanswered energetic entanglements giving you the benefit and value of experiencing freedom and clarity first hand. Our past life issues and contracts still continue today until we release, forgive and accept what our Soul desires us to learn and grow from. Your Past Life Regression Therapy Session is Digitally Recorded for you to relive and remember your whole experience.

This is through deep breathing and visualization. Many people have reported great success and looking in patterns in their life.

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Also Available In Packages

60 Minutes: with Clairvoyant Medium- Available in person/Skype or Telephone

$150.00 – HST Included

In this one hour session, I work with spirit bringing through their messages from the other side.  We will talk through current issues in your life that could include family, children, health and work. Feel free to ask questions during your reading. This is for 1 person, If you have more a family group session may be better.

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Enhancing Your Intuition (1 to 1)

$120.00 – HST Included

This workshop includes the difference between the types of psychic ability; hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling.  We will also conduct a guided meditation where those present will have the opportunity to meet their Spirit Guides. Course content include`s visualization techniques and the opportunity to practice what has been learned.  Time will be devoted to discussing our experiences working with Spirit and the way in which we work. Please note: we all work differently and the emphasis of this 1-1 session is discovering your best way to connect and work with Spirit. We will have time to go through specific questions and we will enable you to find the right techniques and strategies to help you develop.

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90 Minutes With a Medium

$225.00 – HST Included

This session is for a person who wants both to connect to spirit. The session lasts 90 minutes. This session can be shared and will look into many aspects of your life.

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120 Minutes – Family Group of 4

$300.00 – HST Included

This session is for a small family group. I will connect to the loved ones that step forward. Questions can be asked during the session.

Extra person $75. This is for a maximum of 5 people.

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150 Minutes – Large Group Reading for 6-8 people

$450.00 – HST Included

This session is for a larger group, whether it be friends or a family group. I will work within the group to pass messages on from spirit. I cannot guarantee messages for everyone.

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150 Minutes Spiritual House Cleaning

$250.00 – HST Included, KW Area

This session involves me coming to your home and using Sage or incense to cleanse your home. I will teach you how to do this yourself. I will talk through what i find, and explain how to protect your home.

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120 Minutes Business Coaching

$200.00 – HST Included

This session in focused on work, we talk through your business, areas to improve in and how to move your business forward… This is a session that involves myself and you to come up with a plan.

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